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Yousef Jafarian Jelodar

Current Position: PhD Student
Email: y.jafarian[at]
Phone: 98-9112100208


  • BSc: (2009) Electrical Engineering, power electric, University of Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas, Iran.
  • MSc: (2011) Electrical Engineering, power electric, University of Shahid Bahonar Kerman, Kerman, Iran.
  • PhD: (2012-now) Electrical Engineering, Control of power Systems, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran.
  • Research interests

  • Smart/Micro Grid Control
  • Robust Controller
  • Hybrid Micro Grids
  • Power Systems Planning
  • Multi Objective Optimization
  • Project Title

    Modeling and Cordinative Control of Hybrid Microgrids for Effective Operation

    Project Description

    Microgrids are as a component of smart grids in which the DG is widely used to feed the local electrical loads. Microgrids are operated in tow state: grid-connected or islanded. existing electrical grid with industrial loads and AC structure in addition to rapid growth of DC electrical loads in recent years, will suggest this question that microgrids will spread in DC or AC form? Thus in recent years, the hybrid microgrid AC / DC has been of interest to researchers. In the present project, we are looking for presenting an appropriate model of hybrid microgrid that equipment such as loads and various sources with minimal use of power electronic interface devices connect to the system. Also to provide an efficient control system to provide stable operation under different operating conditions of the system.