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Mohsen Aryan Nezhad

Current Position: PhD Student
Email: m.ariannejad[at]


  • BSc: (2000) Electrical Engineering, Power, University of Shahid Rajaie, Tehran, Iran.
  • MSc: (2004) Electrical Engineering, Power System, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran.
  • PhD: (2014-now)
  • Research interests

  • Renewable Energy Resources Operation and Control
  • Power Electronic
  • Smart/Micro Grid Control
  • Robust Control
  • Project Title

    Coordinated frequency control in an AC microgrid in the presence of fuel cell (FC)

    Project Description

    Conventional technique for power production besides the huge waste of energy has a remarkable effect on environmental pollutions and needs considerable investment. Distributed Generators are new resources that need low maintenance costs and have no pollutions. The FC is a new technology that can be used for providing of extra energy in MG. The FC directly converts a chemical energy like hydrogen into electrical through chemical reaction and can be used for providing of the MG required energy for frequency control in islanded mode.