August 26, 2017 -

Agreement of Academic Cooperation Between Control Systems Group of TU Berlin and SMGRC of University of Kurdistan

The Head of Smart/Micro Grids Research Center, University of Kurdistan and the Head of Control Systems Group, Technical University of Berlin (Germany), signed an agreement to develop academic exchange and cooperation in education and research. They agreed to collaborate in the following activities in the fields of smart and micro-grids, renewable energy technologies and control systems.

  1. Short term exchange of students, professors, researchers (up to two visitors each year)
  2. Exchange of scientific material, and information
  3. Joint research projects, publications, patents, and other activities within the range of interest of both universities
  4. Joint conferences, workshops, and seminars
  5. Support each other to equip/improve their research laboratories

This agreement is the outcome of Prof. Bevrani’s summer visit at TU Berlin. The agreement was signed by Prof. Jorg Raisch, and Prof. Hassan Bevrani, September 20, 2017, in Berlin, Germany.