Papers Published by SMGRC Years, 2016-2020

Smart/Micro Grids Research Center

University of Kurdistan


No. Title Year Abstract Citation
590 A new stochastic gain adaptive energy management system for smart microgrids considering frequency responsive loads 2020
589 Electricity supply chain coordination: Newsvendor model for optimal contract design 2020
588 Robust decentralized voltage control for uncertain DC microgrids 2020
587 Simulation of CZTSSe thin-film solar cells in COMSOL: Three-dimensional optical, electrical, and thermal models 2020
586 Quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier: investigation of ultra-fast cross gain modulation in the presence of a second excited state 2020
585 Simulation of reconfigurable double-input optical gates based on a microring flower-like structure. part I. basic gates 2020
584 Dynamics of pulse amplification in tapered-waveguide quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers 2020
583 Ultrashort optical pulse polarization rotator based on azimuth angle rotation in semiconductor optical amplifier 2020
582 Simulation of reconfigurable double inputs optical gates based on microring flower-like structure 2020
581 Seismic motion control of structures using an adaptive optimal model-free controller 2020
580 Non-linear estimation and observer-based output feedback control 2020
579 Event-triggered observer design for continuous-time linear networked systems 2020
578 Depth Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) by Event-triggered Control Method 2020
577 A Wide-Area Back-Up Protection Scheme for Discrimination of Symmetrical Faults from Power Swing and Load Encroachment 2020
576 Virtual synchronous generator based frequency control in interconnected microgrids 2020
575 Grid dynamics shaping using flexible controlled power converters 2020
574 Implementation of inductor-less 13-level inverter topology with reduced number of required component 2020
573 A hybrid LED sink driver using a nesting-type switched-inductor/switched-capacitor buck-boost converter 2020
572 DC-Link Voltage Control Aided for the Inertial Support During Severe Faults in Weak Grids 2020
571 Closure to Discussion on “Decentralized Optimal Frequency Control in Autonomous Microgrids”
570 A Hybrid-Type High Step-Down DC/DC Converter Using a Step-Down Cross-Connected Fibonacci Converter 2020
569 An Inductor-Less AC/DC Converter Using a Bipolar Cockcroft-Walton Multilier and a Cross-Coupled Charge Pump 2020
568 Grid Frequency Regulation Support From Back-to-Back Motor Drive System With Virtual-Synchronous-Generator-Based Coordinated Control 2020
567 System Identification and Damping Controller Design Based on Wide-Area Phasor Measurements 2020
566 Frequency response improvement in microgrids: a fuzzy–based virtual synchronous generator approach 2020
565 A Dual VSG-Based M3C Control Scheme for Frequency Regulation Support of a Remote AC Grid Via Low-Frequency AC Transmission System 2020
564 Model Predictive Control for Indirect Boost Matrix Converter Based on Virtual Synchronous Generator 2020
563 Interconnected microgrids frequency response model: An inertia-based approach 2020
562 A Unified Modeling Method of Virtual Synchronous Generator for Multi-Operation-Mode Analyses 2020
561 A novel control scheme for multi-terminal low-frequency AC electrical energy transmission systems using modular multilevel matrix converters and virtual synchronous generator … 2020
560 PMSG Control for a Stand-Alone Gas Engine Generator Using Active Rectifier and VSG-Controlled Inverter 2020
559 Hybrid Model Predictive Control of DC-DC Boost Converters with Constant Power Load 2020
558 On the Impact of Cyber-Attacks on Distributed Secondary Control of DC Microgrids 2020
557 Control of a super-capacitor energy storage system to mimic inertia and transient response improvement of a direct current micro-grid 2020
556 Low-Frequency Small-Signal Modeling of Interconnected AC Microgrids 2020
555 Dynamic Improvement of DC Microgrids using a Dual Approach Based on Virtual Inertia 2020
554 Dynamic Improvement of DC Microgrids with CPLs Using Virtual Inertia Concept 2020
553 Scalable PI voltage stabilization in DC microgrids 2020
552 Decentralized Voltage Stabilization and Robust Performance Satisfaction of Islanded Inverter-Interfaced Microgrids 2020
551 Robust High-Rate Secondary Control of Microgrids with Mitigation of Communication Impairments 2020
550 Interconnected Autonomous AC Microgrids via Back-to-Back Converters—Part II: Stability Analysis 2020
549 Decentralized Frequency Control of AC Microgrids: an Estimation-Based Consensus Approach 2020
548 Decentralized Robust Voltage Control of Islanded AC Microgrids: An LMI-Based  Approach 2020
547 Decentralized Scalable Robust Voltage Control for Islanded AC Microgrids with General Topology 2020
546 Economical Secondary Control of DC Microgrids 2020
545 A Reduced Data Transfer Scheme in Distributed Secondary Control of Microgrid Using Aperiodic Sampling Method 2020
543 An Analytical Approach for Design of a Cross-Connected Fibonacci Switched Capacitor Converter 2020
542 Flexibility-constrained Operation Scheduling of Active Distribution Networks with Microgrids 2020
541 The participation of a renewable energy-based aggregator in real-time market: A Bi-level approach 2020
540 Optimal Planning of Distributed Generation in Distribution Networks using the Differential Evolutionary Algorithm 2020
539 Multi-objective operation of smart stand-alone microgrid with the optimal performance of customers to improve economic and technical indices 2020
538 Modeling Local Energy Market for Energy Management of Multi-Microgrids 2020
537 Modeling operation problem of active distribution networks with retailers and microgrids: A multi-objective bi-level approach 2020
536 Internet-of-things-based optimal smart city energy management considering shiftable loads and energy storage 2020
535 Day-ahead scheduling problem of smart micro-grid with high penetration of wind energy and demand side management strategies 2020
534 Optimal operation of storage-based hybrid energy system considering market price uncertainty and peak demand management 2020
533 A two-level model for the participation of microgrids in energy and reserve markets using hybrid stochastic-IGDT approach 2020
532 Providing a bi-level model for medium and low voltage distribution network expansion planning 2020
531 Multi-objective performance of smart hybrid energy system with Multi-optimal participation of customers in day-ahead energy market 2020
530 Optimal thermal and electrical operation of the hybrid energy system using interval optimization approach 2020
529 Risk management model for simultaneous participation of a distribution company in Day-ahead and Real-time markets 2020
528 Interval multi-objective optimization of hydrogen storage based intelligent parking lot of electric vehicles under peak demand management 2020
527 Tri-objective scheduling of residential smart electrical distribution grids with optimal joint of responsive loads with renewable energy sources 2020
526 Comprehensive review on the decision-making frameworks referring to the distribution network operation problem in the presence of distributed energy resources and microgrids 2020
525 A Bi-Level Optimization Approach for Optimal Operation of Distribution Networks with Retailers and Micro-grids 2020
524 Multi-objectives Optimal Scheduling in Smart Energy Hub System with Electrical and Thermal Responsive Loads 2020
523 Risk-Aware Bilevel Optimal Offering Strategy of a Joint Wind/Storage Unit Based on Information Gap Decision Theory 2020
522 A new stochastic gain adaptive energy management system for smart microgrids considering frequency responsive loads 2020
521 Optimal design of an adaptive under-frequency load shedding scheme in smart grids considering operational uncertainties 2020
520 A hierarchical energy management system for islanded multi-microgrid clusters considering frequency security constraints 2020
519 Fast and reliable index to protect the synchronous generators against loss of field incidence 2020
518 Energy management system of networked microgrids through optimal reliability-oriented day-ahead self-healing scheduling 2020
517 Towards an enhanced power system sustainability: An MILP under-frequency load shedding scheme considering demand response resources 2020
516 Economic energy and reserve management of renewable-based microgrids in the presence of electric vehicle aggregators: A robust optimization approach 2020
515 A comprehensive review of renewable energy resources for electricity generation in Australia 2020
514 Impact of power exchange on reliability and economic indices of networked microgrids
513 A new isolated renewable based multi microgrid optimal energy management system considering uncertainty and demand response 2020
512 Stochastic optimal robust design of a new multi-stage under-frequency load shedding system considering renewable energy sources 2020
511 Presenting a New Multi-Objective Optimization Method Based on MOPSO-SQP Algorithm in Order to Coordinate the Protective Overcurrent Relays in Power Systems 2020
510 A New Method for Reliability Evaluation of Active Networks
509 An info‐gap risk‐averse optimization model for coordination of overcurrent protective relays considering power system uncertainty 2020
508 A multi‐feature‐based passive islanding detection scheme for synchronous‐machine‐based distributed generation 2020
507 Determining the Type and Size of Energy Storage Systems to Smooth the Power of Renewable Energy Resources 2020
506 An online method for inertia estimating and its application in coherency identification 2020
505 Optimal energy storage system-based virtual inertia placement: a frequency stability point of view 2020
504 Bulk power system frequency stability assessment in presence of microgrids | 2019
503 Crystalline MgF2 Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators as Optical Refractometric Sensors With Ultra-High Improved Sensitivity 2019
502 Parallel-Coupled Dual  Racetrack Resonators as Biosensors with High Improved Intrinsic Limit of Detection 2019
501 Characteristics optimization in single and dual coupled silicon-on-insulator ring (disk) photonic biosensors 2019
500 Numerical analysis of four wave mixing in photonic crystal semiconductor optical amplifier 2019
499 Finite element simulation of perovskite solar cell: A study on efficiency improvement based on structural and material modification 2019
498 Analysis of nonlinear polarization rotation by an ultrashort optical pump and probe pulse in a strained semiconductor optical amplifier 2019
497 Industrial Boiler-turbine-generator Process Control Using State Dependent Riccati Equation Technique 2019
496 Output Voltage Control of Inverters Using SDRE Tracking and LQT Controllers 2019
495 Automatic blood glucose control for type 1 diabetes: A trade-off between postprandial hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia 2019
494 Blood glucose concentration control for type 1 diabetic patients: a multiple-model strategy 2019
493 Integrated Primary Controller Design in AC Microgrids Using Optimal Tracking Control Technique 2019
492 Integrated Fault-detection and Control of DC Microgrids Using SDRE Observer-controller
491 Event-triggered Observer Design for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems 2019
490 Event-Triggered H∞ Depth Control of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles 2019
489 Automatic voltage regulator design using a modified adaptive optimal approach 2019
488 Chaos control and chaos synchronization using the state-dependent Riccati equation techniques 2019
487 A Simplified Interconnected Microgrids Frequency Response Model Using Frequency Sensitivity Approach 2019
486 Model-Based Fault Detection in DC Microgrids 2019
485 Enhanced Performance of a Stand-Alone Gas-Engine Generator Using Virtual Synchronous Generator and Energy Storage System 2019
484 Decentralized Estimator-based Secondary Voltage and Reactive Power Control of an Islanded Microgrid 2019
483 ANN-Based Frequency and Tie-Line Power Control in Interconnected Microgrids 2019
482 Secondary Voltage Control in a Hybrid Microgrid  2019
481 Tustin’s technique based digital decentralized load frequency control in a realistic multi power system considering wind farms and communications delays 2019
480 An intelligent coordinator design for GCSC and AGC in a two-area hybrid power system 2019
479 Performance optimization of an optical filter based on serially coupled microring resonators using a fuzzy logic system 2019
478 Need-Based Communication in Fully-Distributed Secondary Control of DC Microgrids 2019
477 Adaptive Backstepping Design for Stabilizing Synchronverter Control Topology in AC Microgrids 2019 Citation
476 Decentralized Model Predictive Control of DC Microgrids with Constant Power Load 2019 Citation
475 An Emergency Active and Reactive Power Exchange Solution for Interconnected Microgrids 2019 Citation
474 Online Kron Reduction for Economical Frequency Control of Microgrids 2019 Citation
473 On the Secondary Control Architectures of AC Microgrids: An Overview 2019 Citation
472 Seamless Transition of Microgrids Operation from Grid-Connected to Islanded Mode 2019 Citation
471 Modeling and Stability Analysis of Back-to-Back Converters in Networked Microgrids  2019 Citation
470 A Zeno-Free Event-Triggered Secondary Control for AC Microgrids 2019 Citation
469 Interconnected Autonomous AC Microgrids via Back-to-Back Converters—Part I: Small-Signal Modeling 2019 Citation
468 Model Validation of Power Electronics-based Networked Micro-grids by Prony Analysis 2019 Citation
467 Estimation-based Consensus Approach for Decentralized Frequency Control of AC Microgrids 2019 Citation
466 Scalable Robust Voltage Control of DC Microgrids with Uncertain Constant Power Loads 2019 Citation
465 Online generalized droop-based demand response for frequency control in islanded microgrids 2019 Citation
464 Optimal Robust Control of LCL-type Grid-Connected Voltage Source Inverters against Grid Impedance Fluctuations 2019 Citation
463 Massive open online Labs (MOOLs) 2019 Citation
462 An Instantaneous Event-Triggered Hz-Watt Control for Microgrids 2019 Citation
461 Tri-objective optimal scheduling of smart energy hub system with schedulable loads 2019 Citation
460 Optimal scheduling of intelligent parking lot using interval optimization method in the presence of the electrolyser and fuel cell as hydrogen storage system 2019 Citation
459 Information Gap Decision Theory-Based Approach for Modeling Operation Problem of a Grid-Connected Micro-Grid With Uncertainties 2019 Citation
458 Optimal Operation of Distribution Networks through Clearing Local Day-ahead Energy Market 2019 Citation
457 A risk-based decision framework for the distribution company in mutual interaction with the wholesale day-ahead market and microgrids 2019 Citation
456 Co-optimization of energy and reserve in standalone micro-grid considering uncertainties 2019 Citation
455 A Robust and Flexible Approach for Distribution Expansion Planning in the Presence of Distributed Generations and the Uncertainties Associated with Demand, Energy Price and  2019 Citation
454 Robust optimal energy and reactive power management in smart distribution networks: An info‐gap multi‐objective approach 2019 Citation
453 Internet-of-Things-Based Optimal Smart City Energy Management 
Considering Shiftable Loads and Energy Storage
2019 Citation
452 Massive Open Online Labs (MOOCs): An Innovative Solution to Achieving SDGs in the Global South 
2019 Citation
451 Simultaneous power and heat scheduling of microgrids considering operational uncertainties: A new stochastic p-robust optimization approach 2019 Citation
450 Power quality improvement in smart grids using electric vehicles: a review 2019 Citation
449 Information-gap decision theory: principles and fundamentals 2019 Citation
448 Improvement of Model Predictive Control in Maximum Power Tracking in a Photovoltaic System using Fuzzy Control in the Presence of Uncertainty in the Model 2019 Citation
447 بهبود عملکرد کنترل پیش‌بین مبتنی بر مدل در ردیابی ماکزیمم توان در سیستم فتوولتائیک با استفاده از کنترل فازی در صورت وجود عدم قطعیت در مدل 2019 Citation
446 Microgrids Impact on Power System Frequency Response
2019 Citation
445 Emulation of Virtual Inertia to Accommodate Higher Penetration Levels of Distributed Generation in Power Grids
2019 Citation
444 Robust H2 and H∞ controller design for DC position motor control under uncertainties
2019 Citation
443 A New Measurement-Based Approach for Power System Small Signal stability and Voltage Regulation Enhancement
2019 Citation
442 Inertia Response Improvement in AC Microgrids: A Fuzzy-Based Virtual Synchronous Generator Control 2019 Citation
441 Model predictive control method to achieve maximum power point tracking without additional sensors in stand-alone renewable energy systems 2019 Citation
440 Optimized Bent Part Coupling SiON Racetrack Resonators for Biological Sensing 2018 Citation
439 Effect of dispersion on sensing parameters of a racetrack resonator-based biosensor at 850 nm 2018 Citation
438 Computational study of pulse propagation in photonic crystal semiconductor optical amplifier 2018 Citation
437 Fast analytical modelling of an SOI micro-ring resonator for bio-sensing application 2018 Citation
436 Cylindrical optical resonators: fundamental properties and bio-sensing characteristics 2018 Citation
435 Picosecond and femtosecond asymmetric switching using a semiconductor optical amplifier-based Mach–Zehnder interferometer 2018 Citation
434 Sensitivity optimization in whispering gallery mode optical cylindrical biosensors 2018 Citation
433 Quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier: investigation of amplified spontaneous emission and noise figure in the presence of second excited state 2018 Citation
432 Multiobjective fault‐tolerant fixed‐order/PID control of multivariable discrete‐time linear systems with unmeasured disturbances 2018 Citation
431 On the Design of Event‐Triggered Suboptimal Controllers for Nonlinear Systems 2018 Citation
430 Intelligent secondary control in smart microgrids: an on-line approach for islanded operations 2018 Citation
429 Toward intelligent transient stability enhancement in inverter-based microgrids 2018 Citation
428 Three-stage fuzzy coordinator for dynamic stability enhancement of multi-machine power system considering various penetration levels of wind turbines 2018 Citation
427 An Enhanced WAMS‐based Power System Oscillation Analysis Approach 2018 Citation
426 A novel control approach for virtual synchronous generators to suppress frequency and voltage fluctuations in microgrids 2018 Citation
425 A Novel Design of Decentralized LFC to Enhance Frequency Stability of Egypt Power System Including Wind Farms 2018 Citation
424 Decentralized optimal frequency control in autonomous microgrids 2018 Citation
423 Model Predictive and SDRE Control of DC Microgrids with Constant Power Loads: A Comparative Study  2018 Citation
422 Dynamic Performance Improvement of DC Microgrids Using Virtual Impedance 2018 Citation
421 Kron Reduction and L2-Stability for Plug-and-Play Frequency Control of Microgrids  2018 Citation
420 Plug-and-play robust voltage control of DC microgrids 2018 Citation
419 Distributed Control of Low-Voltage Resistive AC Microgrids 2018 Citation
418 Communication-less optimal frequency control of islanded microgrids 2018 Citation
417 Modeling of islanded microgrids using static and dynamic equivalent Thevenin circuits 2018 Citation
416 Intelligent demand response contribution in frequency control of multi-area power systems 2018 Citation
415 Event-triggered voltage control of inverter-based microgrids 2018
414 Modeling of voltage source converters in microgrids using equivalent Thevenin circuit 2018 Citation
413 The robust single primary control loop for AC microgrids 2018 Citation
412 Robust frequency control of microgrids using an extended virtual synchronous generator 2018 Citation
411 Stochastic Modeling of Micro-Grid Operation Problem in Standalone Mode Considering Risk Index 2018 Citation
410 Strategic Behavior of a Distribution Company in the Wholesale Energy Market: A Risk-Based Stochastic Bi-Level Model 2018 Citation
409 A new strategy based on hybrid battery–wind power system for wind power dispatching 2018 Citation
408 Probabilistic Power Distribution Planning Using Multi-Objective Harmony Search Algorithm 2018 Citation
407 Multi-objective Risk-Constrained Optimal Bidding Strategy of Smart Microgrids: An IGDTbased Normal Boundary Intersection Approach 2018 Citation
405 Intelligent Demand Response Contribution in Frequency Control of Multiarea Power Systems 2018 Citation
404 Improved harmony search algorithm for electrical distribution network expansion planning in the presence of distributed generators 2018 Citation
403 A risk-based approach for modeling the strategic behavior of a distribution company in wholesale energy market 2018 Citation
402 Risk-Based Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization Problem of Micro-Grid Operation with Renewables and Incentive-Based Demand Response Programs 2018 Citation
401 Robust optimization of micro-grids operation problem in the presence of electric vehicles 2018 Citation
400 Flexible and robust distribution network expansion planning in the presence of distributed generators 2018 Citation
399 Reliability-oriented optimal scheduling of self-healing in multi-microgrids 2018 Citation
398 Multiobjective risk-constrained optimal bidding strategy of smart microgrids: An IGDT-based normal boundary intersection approach 2018 Citation
397 Energy and Frequency Hierarchical Management System Using Information Gap Decision Theory for Islanded Microgrids 2018 Citation
396 Information Gap Decision Theory Based Preventive/Corrective Voltage Control for Smart Power Systems with High Wind Penetration 2018 Citation
395 Overview on energy storage technologies 2018 Citation
394 A center-of-gravity-based approach to estimate slow power and frequency variations 2017 Citation
393 Quality of service aware traffic scheduling in wireless smart grid communication 2017 Citation
392 Analysis of nonlinear pulse propagation and wave-mixing characteristics in SOAs
2017 Citation
391 Investigation of Amplified Spontaneous Emission in Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifier in Presence of Second Excited State 2017 Citation
390 Quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier: role of second excited state on ultrahigh bit-rate signal processing 2017 Citation
389 H∞ Suboptimal Tracking Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems 2017 Citation
388 Blood glucose concentration control for type 1 diabetic patients: a non-linear suboptimal approach 2017 Citation
387 Event-triggered suboptimal tracking controller design for a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems 2017 Citation
386 On design of nonlinear event-triggerec suboptimal tracking controller 2017 Citation
385 A Distributed Control Framework for Integrated Photovoltaic-Battery-Based Islanded Microgrids 2017 Citation
384 Distributed and decentralized control architectures for converter-interfaced microgrids 2017 Citation
383 Review on control of DC microgrids and multiple microgrid clusters 2017 Citation
382 Distributed voltage control and load sharing for an inverter-interfaced microgrid with resistive lines 2017 Citation
381 A Multi-Functional Fully Distributed Control Framework for AC Microgrids 2017
380 Improving transient performance of VSG based microgrids by virtual FACTS’functions 2017 Citation
379 Intelligent coordination of demand response and secondary frequency control in.. 2017 Citation
378 Pattern effect reduction scheme for high-speed all-optical amplification system 2017 Citation
377 Optimal planning of hybrid renewable energysy stems using HOMER: Areview 2017
376 Modeling Strategic Behavior of Distribution Company in Wholesale Energy and Reserve Markets 2017
375 Bi-Level Approach for Modeling Multi-Energy Players’ Behavior in a Multi-Energy System 2017
374 Moving Object Counting Using a Tripwire in H.265/HEVC Bitstreams for Video Surveillance 2017
373 The Effect of Turbulence and Wake on the Power Fluctuation in the Wind Farms 2017 Citation
372 Optimal sizing of distribution network transformers considering power quality
problems of non-linear loads
2017 Citation
371 An On-Line PSO-based Fuzzy Logic Tuning Approach: Microgrid Frequency Control Case Study  2017 Citation
370 Improving Transient Performance of VSG based Microgrids by Virtual FACTS’ Functions 2017 Citation
369 Optimal electricity development by increasing solar resources in diesel-based micro grid of island society in Thailand 2017 Citation
368 Soft simulator for redesigning of a chickpea harvester header
2017 Citation
367 Generalized droop characteristic-based Demand response and secondary frequency control coordination in an isolated microgrid 2017 Citation
366 On the Design of Suboptimal Controller for DC Microgrids with CPL 2017 Citation
365 On virtual inertia application in power grid frequency control 2017 Citation
364 Frequency control in an islanded hybrid microgrid using frequency response analysis tools 2017 Citation
363 English for Electrical Engineers 2017 Citation
362 Regulating power management in interconnected microgrids 2017 Citation
361 Real-time AC voltage control and power-following of a combined proton exchange membrane fuel cell, and ultracapacitor bank with nonlinear loads 2017 Citation
360 Improvement of primary frequency control by inertial response coordination between wind and conventional power plants 2017 Citation
359 Micro/Smart Electric Grids Control 2017 Citation
358 Microgrid Control: A solution for penetration of renewable power 2017 Citation
357 Robust control of a DC-DC boost converter: H2and H∞techniques  2017 Citation
356 Simultaneous Power System Stabilizing and Voltage Regulation: A Robust Control Approach 2017 Citation
355 A New Power System Emergency Control Scheme Based on Electromechanical Wave Propagation 2017 Citation
354 Adaptive Price-based Power Flow in next Generation Electric Power Systems 2017 Citation
353 Isolated Microgrid Frequency Control: An Online PSO Based Fuzzy Tuning Approach 2017 Citation
352 Optimal planning in a developing industrial microgrid with sensitive loads 2017 Citation
351 Modeling the strategic behavior of a distribution company in wholesale energy and reserve markets 2017
350 Modeling the cross impact of multi-energy player’s price equilibrium in retail and wholesale markets 2017
349 Optimal sizing of distribution network transformers considering power quality problems of non-linear loads 2017
348 Maximum Penetration Level of Micro-Grids in Large-Scale Power Systems: Frequency Stability Viewpoint 2016
347 Price-based Device-to-Device Communication Underlying Cellular Networks 2016
346 The effects of ring radius on characteristics of ring modulator 2016
345 Design and modeling of flower like microring resonator 2016
344 Comparison of pulse propagation and gain saturation characteristics among different input pulse shapes in semiconductor optical amplifiers 2016
343 Effect of size and geometry of gold nanostructures in performance of laser-based hyperthermia: A multiscale-multiphysics modelling 2016
342 Nonlinear Suboptimal Tracking Controller Design Using State-Dependent Riccati Equation Technique 2016
341 On the design of suboptimal sliding manifold for a class of nonlinear uncertain time-delay systems 2016
340 On design of suboptimal tracking controller for a class of nonlinear systems 2016
339 State-dependent adaptive dynamic programing for a class of continuous-time nonlinear systems 2016
338 Analysis of a basic model of immune response with delay: Existence and stability of equilibria 2016
337 Controller design for a class of nonlinear fractional-order systems 2016
336 Optimal adaptive droop control for effective load sharing in AC microgrids 2016
335 Distributed voltage control and load sharing for inverter-interfaced microdrid with resistive lines 2016
334 Plug-and-play voltage stabilization in inverter-interfaced microgrids via a robust control strategy 2016
333 Droop-free distributed control for AC microgrids 2016
331 Fuzzy logic based fine-tuning approach for robust load frequency control in a multi-area power system 2016
330 Robust multivariable microgrid control synthesis and analysis 2016
329 Day-ahead optimal operational and reserve power dispatching in a PV-based urban microgrid 2016
328 A fuzzy inference model for distributed secondary control of islanded microgrids 2016
327 Intelligent coordination of demand response and secondary frequency control in multi-area power systems 2016
326 Transient Stability Enhancement in Microgrids Including Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generations 2016
325 Investigating the impacts of wind power contribution on the short-term frequency performance 2016
324 Robust Frequency Control of Islanded Microgrids Using an Extended Virtual Synchronous Generator  2016
323 Enhanced virtual synchronous generator control for parallel inverters in microgrids 2016
322 Virtual synchronous generators and their applications in microgrids 2016
321 Optimal Operation of Renewable Energy-based Grid-connected Microgrid 2016
320 Modeling Cooperation of Multi-Microgrids in Smart Distribution Netowroks 2016
319 Modeling the Impact of Multi-Energy Players on Electricity Market in Smart Grid Environment 2016
318 A bi-level optimization model for operation of distribution networks with micro-grids 2016
317 Optimal planning of hybrid renewable energy systems using HOMER: A review 2016
316 Modeling Operation Problem of Micro-grids Considering Economical, Technical and Environmental Issues as Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Programming 2016