October 30, 2017 - Microgrids: Challenges and New Trends

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    Microgrids: Challenges and New Trends

    The Microgrid (MG) concept as an important block of future smart grids provides a quite appealing solution for integrating renewable energy sources (RESs) into power grids. The increasing interest in penetrating of renewable energy power into the power system among the MGs highlights the importance of these systems and addresses serious dynamic and control challenges in MGs design and operation. The conventional modeling and control designs are usually suitable for high voltage traditional power systems considering a group of specific dynamics and operating points, and these design methodologies may not be straightly applicable to the MGs that are operating in medium and low voltage levels. In response to the existing challenge in penetration of more RESs to the grid via MGs, and integration of advanced metering, computation, communication, and control into appropriate levels of MG control synthesis, this speech summarizes academic/research outcomes and contributions of the speaker, that are influenced by the practical experiences in several countries, universities and power electric companies. The speech describes the most important issues on MG dynamics and control as well as new relevant perspectives and research outcomes. It covers the last updates in different MG control levels and summarizes some important parts of the speaker’s new book (Microgrid Dynamics and Control, Wiley, August 2017).