July 21, 2017 - Microgrid Dynamics, Modeling and Control

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    Microgrid Dynamics, Modeling and Control

    The Smart/Micro Grids Research Center (SMGRC) at the University of Kurdistan offers a workshop on microgrids entitled ‘Microgrids: Dynamics Operation and Control’. This workshop will provide both theoretical knowledge and practical foundation for the understanding of Microgrids. Different aspects of these small-scale power systems, current challenges and research directions will be examined in detail with the focus on the following topics:

    • Modern Grids vs Traditional Power Grids
    • Microgrids: Concept, Structure and Operation Modes
    • Microgrid Planning and Operation
    • Microgrids: Dynamics and Modeling
    • Microgrid Control
    • Grid-Connected RESs and Ancillary Services
    • Virtual Inertia
    • Dynamic Impact on Power Systems

    Note: Around 25% of the time will be spent in exercises and simulations provided by the lecturers. Selected simulation models will be included in the course material for the participants.


    • Sep 26-27, 2018


    • Smart Micro Grids Research Center, University of Kurdistan, Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran.


    • Hassan Bevrani, Professor, University of Kurdistan
    • Qobad Shafiee, Assistant Professor, University of Kurdistan
    • Hêmin Golpîra, Assistant Professor, University of Kurdistan
    • Salah Bahramara, Assistant Professor, IAU Sanandaj


    • Basic understanding of power systems, power electronics, and energy systems. Matlab/Simulink knowledge is strongly recommended. The course language is English.


    • Participants may register via the workshop website at https://conf.uok.ac.ir/MGW2018/Register.aspx.The workshop registration fee is 350 USD for participants outside of Iran, and 4500,000 Rials for students (7000,000 Rials for other researchers) in Iran.Note: The maximum number of participants is 30.For more info, you can contact smgrc@uok.ac.ir.