June 22, 2020 - Defense Announcements

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    SMGRC on file defenses

    News and information about final thesis defenses (Ph.D. & Master Student) of the group will be demonstrated on the website of SMGRC. The exact information (date, time, title) will be accessible on the following table for everyone.

    Defense Announcements


    Smart Micro/Grid Research Center (SMGRC) wishes healthy and safety upon all humanity.


    Shayesteh Tabashir Ms Hassan Bevrani
    Yazdan Batmani
    -21 Jun. 202018:00LMS UOK Fault Detection and Isolation in Microgrids Using Signal-based Approaches
    Shaghayegh Karbasi Ms Hassan Bevrani
    Qobad Shafiee
    -16 May 202018:00LMS UOK DC Microgrids Dynamic Enhancement Using Virtual Inertia Concept
    Mobin Naderi Ph.D Hassan Bevrani
    Qobad Shafiee
    Frede Blaabjerg
    20 Jan. 202014:00Sheibani Hall Dynamic Modelling and Stability Analysis of Networked Microgrids
    Somaye Rabani Ms Hassan Bevrani
    Yazdan Batmani
    -20 Sep. 201914:00Sheibani Hall Stability Improvement and Control of an Unintentional Islanded Microgrid Using Virtual Synchronous Inverter
    Amin Karimi Ph.D Hassan Bevrani
    Rahmatollah Mirzaei
    -15 Sep. 201911:00Meeting RoomEffective Solution for Production of Virtual Inertia to Improve Frequency–Voltage Control in Electric Microgrids
    Sharara Rehimi Ms Hassan Bevrani
    Rahmatollah Mirzaei
    -2 Sep. 201911:00Sheibani Hall An Updated Model of Frequency/Tie-line Power Control Scheme for Interconnected Microgrids
    As’ad Salimi Ms Hassan Bevrani
    Yazdan Batmani
    -2 Sep. 201910:00Sheibani Hall Model-Based Fault Detection in DC Microgrids
    Farshid Habibi Ph.D Hassan Bevrani -1 Sep. 201910:00Meeting Room Impact of flexible demand response participation on frequency stability of networks
    Sina Hasani Ms Hassan Bevrani -13 Jul. 201912:00Sheibani Hall non-convex optimization in dynamic systems control using linear matrix inequalities


    Over the past couple of weeks, as the threat of the novel coronavirus has grown, the circumstances of final thesis defenses (Master & Ph.D.) became more and more uncertain. According to the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology on continuing the spring semester study activities online, the prepared final papers (thesis) also will be defended remotely.