- Intelligent Control-Fall 2023

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    Course ID: 7012291-01


    Course Name: Intelligent Control

    Academic Year: Fall 2023

    Lecturer(s): Dr. Barmak Baigzadehnoe and Dr. Hassan Bevrani


    PDF of the Lectures: 


    Num. Lecture Name Download Section
    00 Syllabus and Description_Fall 2023 Click Here
    01 IL1-Course Description Click Here
    02 IL2-An Introduction on AI Click Here
    03 IL3-Intelligent Control Technologies Click Here
    04 IL4-Fundamentals in Control Systems Theory Click Here
    05 IIL1-Concepts and Mathematics of Fuzzy Logic Systems Click Here
    06 fuzzy rules and fuzzy inference systems Click Here
    07 IIL3-Fuzzification and Defuzzification Methods Click Here
    08 IIL4-On Design of Fuzzy Systems Click Here
    09 IIL5-Fuzzy control Systems Click Here
    10 IIIL1-ANNs-Concepts, Structures, and Developments Click Here
    11 IIIL2-ANN Learning Methods Click Here
    12 IIIL3-MLP and BP Learning Click Here
    13 IIIL45-ANN-based Optimization and Control Click Here
    14 TSK Fuzzy Systems Click Here
    Codes related to the previous session Click Here




    PDF of the Tasks: 


    Num. Task Name Download Section
    01 Assignment1_IC Click Here
    02 Project_Part_I_IC Click Here
    03 Assignment2_IC Click Here
    04 Project_Part_II_IC Click Here