December 6, 2020 - World Ranking of Science (2%)

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    SMGRC Co-Leader Qobad Shafiee has been chosen as the 2 percent of the world-leading scientist.

    According to the news of the University of Kurdistan, Dr. Qobad Shafiee, Co-Leader of SMGRC, has been chosen as the top 2% of scientists in the world.

    This scientist has been evaluated and selected based on Composite Index C and based on the following six indicators:

    • Total citation
    • H-index
    • Coauthorship-adjusted H-index
    • Total citation to single-authored papers
    • Total citation to single+first authored papers
    • Total citation to single+first+last authored paper

    The SMGRC congratulates him on this unique and valuable achievement.

    Click here if you want to see the complete list of the top 2% of scientists in the world.

    SMGRC Support Team