Smart/Micro Grids Research Center

  The Smart/Micro Grids Research Center (SMGRC) provides a rich source of training, testing, and experimental Lab facilities for various smart grid and microgrid (MG) projects, specifically in the area of advanced robust and intelligent control synthesis and analysis methodologies.


  In addition to the modeling and simulation environment for training and educational purpose, a wide range of distributed generators (e.g., PV panel, wind turbine, diesel generator), energy capacitor systems, grid components, modules, and sub-systems are available for a different class of testing and validation capabilities. The SMGRC flexibility allows working on multiple configurations in the viewpoint of MG types (DC, AC, and hybrid), operating modes (grid-connected and islanded), and multiple MGs clusters.


  The central core of the existing platform is a real-time simulator that can be connected to hardware equipment through power amplifiers. The University of Kurdistan and West Regional Electric Co. (WREC) are the main domestic supporters of the SMGRC. The SMGRC is going to be configured to accommodate a variety of research activities on the smart grid and MG subsystems such as smart monitoring, control, and management.


  The SMGRC will establish converter based- dc microgrid and ac microgrid laboratory setups in the next phases. These setups will allow our postgraduate students and the researchers to perform different research works on microgrids. 



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