March 26, 2020 - Online Meetings!

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    Online Meetings!


    Despite the current lock-down due to the COVID-19 situation, the SMGRC leaders have decided to use new ways of communication under the principle “Stay healthy at home but connected together” and use new platforms to hold the weekly meetings “online”. 
    There exists a couple of choices to run online meetings. Initially, we have decided to use “Microsoft Teams” and have created a group there.
    This platform is a very flexible, user-friendly which allows you to be virtually connected. It allows to interact with each other, make virtual meetings via teleconference, to define several chat groups for students’ supervision follow-up.
    Based on this, we will add/invite you to the platform and will organize our weekly meetings where you will be invited to participate in.
    Please find the attached schedule of the SMGRC weekly meetings which is in line with the latest schedule. For your convenience, a guide named “how to use Microsoft Teams platform” is provided and enclosed to this email. 
    We look forward to your contribution to the new way of communication and the new form of weekly meetings. 
    – The Presentations List and MT guide are attached.


    • Presentation List
    • how to use Microsoft Teams platform

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    Stay safe!
    With best wishes,
    SMGRC management team