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Chinese version of the "Robust Power System Frequency Control" written by Prof. Bevrani

Chinese version of the 2nd edition of a book written by Prof. H. Bevrani, the program leader of SMGRC entitled "Robust Power System Frequency Control" (published by Springer in 2014" has been recently read more...

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A new book written by Prof. H. Bevrani, the program leader of the SMGRC

A new book entitled -Microgrid Dynamics and Control- written by Prof. H. Bevrani, the program leader of the Smart/Micro Grids Research Center has been published by the Wiley Press. The book addresses read more...

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Agreement of Cooperation Between Control Systems Group of TU Berlin and SMGRC of University of Kurdistan

The Head of Smart/Micro Grids Research Center, University of Kurdistan and the Head of Control Systems Group, Technical University of Berlin (Germany), signed an agreement to develop academic exchange read more...

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Agreement of Academic Cooperation Between Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University and Faculty of Engineering, University of Kurdistan

The Faculty of Engineering, University of Kurdistan (Iran) and the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University (Denmark), agreed to develop academic exchange and cooperation in education and r read more...

Vision and Mission

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The Smart/Micro Grids Research Center (SMGRC) provides a rich source of training, testing, and experimental Lab facilities for various smart grid and microgrid (MG) projects,specifically in area of advanced robust and intelligent control synthesis and analysis methodologies. In addition to the modeling and simulation environment for training and educational purpose,a wide range of distributed generators (e.g.,PV panel,wind turbine,diesel generator),energy capacitor systems, grid components,modules,and sub-systems are available for different class of testing and validation capabilities. The SMGRC flexibility allows working on multiple configurations in view point of MG types (DC,AC,and hybrid),operating modes (grid-connected and islanded),and multiple MGs clusters. The central core of the existing platform is a real-time simulator that can be connected to hardware equipment through power amplifiers. The University of Kurdistan and West Regional Electric Co. (WREC) are the main domestic supporters of the SMGRC. The SMGRC is going to be configured to accommodate a variety of research activities on smart grid and MG subsystems such as smart monitoring, control and management.


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Research Areas

The SMGRC is focused on modeling, advanced control, protection, management, and planning of AC and DC Microgrids. Different aspects of modern power systems and renewable energy sources are also subject of research in the SMGRC team.

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The SMGRC offers a broad range of research academic/industrial projects in all fields of interest. Each member of the SMGRC (or a group of them) is/are involved in an individual project.

Postgraduate Courses

The SMGRC offers postgraduate long-and-short courses in the field of Microgrids and Smart Grids. The courses provide students/researchers with the theoretical and technical knowledge to embark on an independent research projects. The students/researchers from outside University of Kurdistan are welcomed to participant in our courses.

Selected Publications

Here you will find a list of selected publications by members of the SMGRC team. Download and print one copy of this material for the purpose of private study or research is permitted.


6th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, and Automation (ICCIA)

The 6th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, and Automation (ICCIA) will be organized by University of Kurdistan with cooperation of Iranian Society of Instrumentation and Control Engineers to be held in fall 2019 in Sanandaj (IRAN).

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8th international Conference on Smart Grid (SGC2018)

The Smart/Micro Grid Research Center (SMGRC) at University of Kurdistan with cooperation of the Iranian Society of Smart Grid and IEEE Iran Section will hold the 8th Iranian Smart Grid Conference (SGC2018) in October 2018.

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Wide-Area Power System Monitoring and Control

Wide-area power system monitoring and control (WAPSMC) is an important issue in modern electric power system design and operation; and is becoming more significant today due to the increasing size, changing structure, introduction of renewable energy sources, distributed smart/micro grids, environmental constraints, and complexity of power systems. The wide area measurement system (WAMS) with phasor measurement units (PMUs) provide key technologies for monitoring, state estimation, system protections and control of widely spread power systems. A direct, more precise and accurate monitoring can be achieved by the technique of phasor measurements and global positioning system (GPS) time signal. Proper grasp of the present state with flexible wide area control and smart operation address significant elements to maintain wide-area stability in the complicated grid with the growing penetration of distributed generation and renewable energy sources. In response to the existing challenge of integrating advanced metering, computation, communication and control into appropriate levels of PSMC, this course provides a comprehensive coverage of WAPSMC understanding, analysis, and realization. It presents both theoretical knowledge and practical foundation for understanding of WAPSMC. Different aspects, current challenges and research directions will be examined in detail.

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Short Course on ‘How to Write Scientific Papers’

Prof. Bevrani, Dr. Shafiee and Dr. Fathi are invited to run a short course on ‘How to Write Scientific Papers’ at University of Human Development, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

Post 03 Feb 17



Contact Info.

Smart/Micro Grids Research Center

Program leader:    Prof. Hassan Bevrani

Program Co-Leader: Dr. Qobad Shafiee


Email: smgrc [at] uok [dot] ac [dot] ir
Phone: 98-87-3366007
Address: Dept. of Electrical and Computer Eng., University of Kurdistan,Sanandaj, PO Box: 416, P.C:66177-1

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